Modesty – A Young Woman’s Perspective

Modesty – A Young Woman’s Perspective

During my teenage years, I learned quickly what kind of bait attracted which kinds of attention and more forthright, which kind of men.

This past year at college, I lived with a roommate. She is a close friend, but during our time together I learned something new about her – she is a compulsive outfit changer. In other words, she would change outfits three or four times before we would go out. It was challenging finding something for her to wear, which made me wonder; why do women spend so much time on primping, prepping, and obsessing over clothes? The reason, I truly believe, is because women want to present themselves in a captivating manner. What I mean to say is that women, by God’s design, are meant to capture men’s attention. Therefore, dressing might as well be seen as a way to bait their attention.

During my teenage years, I learned quickly what kind of bait attracted which kinds of attention and more forthright, which kind of men. I have always viewed dressing as a way to present myself, my body a canvas of sorts and my clothes the paint. I have the choice to either paint a tacky profane picture or a classy, respectable picture. Of course, this is not always an easy task as the media bombards girls with images of sex, seduction, and lust unfortunately influencing them to believe their bodies are nothing more than objects.

Young girls are no longer taught that beauty is from within, but beauty is dependant on how one looks and the amount of clothes one wears. It is not secret that if a woman dresses scantly, no matter how inappropriate, she will most likely attain more attention than a woman dressed modestly. This is how dressing is like bait and how modesty provides the right lure. I know that if I dress inappropriately, in mini-skirts and dropped necklines, that I will lure in men who are only interested in what they see – my body. However, if I dress appropriately, treating my body like the temple God gave me I will attract a man who is more interested in what he cannot see – my heart, mind, and soul.

This man will also respect and treat my entire person like the temple God gave me. Dressing modestly is a way to respect myself and members of the opposite sex. Just like God designed women to want to be noticed, God designed men to notice.

On my very first date with my current boyfriend I wore jeans and a hooded sweatshirt knowing that my dress could drastically effect our time together. At the time of our first date, I wanted to be noticed, but for the right reasons. And I was. But modesty does not end there. It is not just respectful to me to dress modestly, but also to him. I dress modestly to respect him and his nature of noticing. It is my way of letting him know that I want our relationship to stay centered on God and focused on who we are as people and not who we are as bodies.

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