Attending Another Parish’s Confirmation Retreat

If You Can’t Attend Your Own Parish’s Confirmation Retreat…

Sometimes, due to complicated calendars – or other complications – students are unable to attend their own parish’s Confirmation retreat. Since the REAP Team presents quite a few Confirmation retreats, we’d be happy to help if we can! If you are looking for an alternate Confirmation retreat for yourself or for someone you love, here is the process:

Here are the Steps You Should Take

1) Make sure that your parish’s Confirmation coordinator is okay with you attending an alternate retreat at another parish before you contact the REAP Team; he or she might prefer to send you to a neighboring parish or pursue some other option, so please ask permission before contacting us.

2) If your parish Confirmation coordinator is okay with you attending a retreat presented by the REAP Team at another parish, please choose three potential Confirmation retreats from our retreat list that will work for you and your family, and email those three dates to paul@reapteam.org. Make sure that these are Confirmation retreats, and that they are comparable in length to your own parish’s Confirmation retreat. If any of the retreats you choose include sponsors, make sure that either the student’s sponsor or another trusted adult can attend with the student. Also, for the sake of transparent communication, please cc that email to your own parish’s Confirmation coordinator.

3) Paul Masek, Director of the REAP Team, will “reply to all” as soon as he possibly can with information regarding which of the parishes you selected are okay with guests attending, and who the parish contact person is for each of those retreats.

4) It will be your responsibility to reach out to the parish contact person for any addition information, including, but not limited to: if a permission slip is needed, if a fee is required, and if snacks and lunch will be provided (or should be brought by each attendee).

5) Please check with your parish contact person to see if they need verification of attendance at this alternate retreat. If so, here is form that can be used to verify the student’s attendance.

6) In the very rare situation that none of the available alternative dates work for you, there is even the option to attend one of our retreats online. Since this is definitely a last resort, and since attending a live retreat is always best, this option can only be pursued if your parish Confirmation coordinator is 100% okay with it. If this seems like your only option, please have your parish Confirmation coordinator contact Paul Masek (paul@reapteam.org or 314.608.5447) directly for more information.

Please pray for the REAP Team. We are praying for you! Come, Holy Spirit!