Author: Heather

Mask-Making Activity When students see the drama “Masks” on a REAP retreat, they often desire to take down their own masks and “get real”. In order to do so, they must first recognize areas in their life where masks are present. This activity is an opportunity...

When moving on seems impossible, there are a few things that can help you work through the loss and start fresh; we hope you will benefit from this advice from one of our former staff members. Not only do we offer you the question and answer below, but for additional encouragement, be sure to click on the audio player and listen to our podcast – full of much more practical advice!

If I’m not actually having sex with my girlfriend/boyfriend, then how far can we go? What is appropriate, and what isn’t? What is chaste, and what isn’t? What is sinful, and what is still pure? How far is too far?

This is the question that we have been asked, in a multitude of ways, more than any question…ever! And we are forever grateful that two REAP Team members wrote a book called “A Case for Chastity” in which they answered the question thoroughly and completely; here is their answer!