Author: Rachel Leininger

What’s the most influential thing you’ve ever read (whether that be a book, an article, or some other kind of essay)? Some sort of document that majorly changed the course of your life?

Come up with anything? Maybe you did. How about this: who was the most influential teacher you had in school? I’m sure a face and a name immediately flashed across your mind. That’s because it’s people and relationships that make the biggest impact in our lives.

I’m in high school, and I think I’m gay. What do I do? Step one: live chastity (we know we sound like a broken record on this one… but seriously, live chastity). Learn more about chastity, make a commitment to living it, stay away from all...

A lot of people are asking really difficult questions about the Church's teachings on homosexuality. Here is an excerpt on the subject from one of our favorite books, A Case for Chastity, by Heather Gallagher and Peter Vlahutin. Making a Distinction Between Homosexual Orientation and Behavior - I Can’t...