Author: REAP Staff

Due to new circumstances in my life I'm finding myself doubting a lot of things.  I want to know what forgiveness really means; this is something I felt I used to know the answer to but I've really lost myself – and the answer – recently after a serious crime was committed against me.  I’ve been in therapy trying to deal with everything, but I cannot bring myself to forgive the person who committed the crime against me.  Any advice?  Please pray for me.


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I am a devoted Catholic and I thought I had everything figured out. But lately new doubts have arisen.  The question that bugs me the most lately, is why are "ghosts" or "spirits" still here? I thought in the Catholic faith we weren't supposed to believe in ghosts? I've had grandparents pass away in the past couple of years and I've felt as if I've had experiences with them, like they were here with me. Does that make them "ghosts" too? I'm so confused on this topic I confuse myself trying to figure it out.  I believe there's a God; I just don't understand everything that comes with the Catholic faith.

I am having issues with my peers and even elders attacking me and I guess bullying me when I say I am Catholic. They start getting rude and of course all the ignorant junk about 'oh those priests…we know what they do'. It really gets to me and I want to usually leave or yell. But I know that isn't good. What can I do when this happens to me?