Author: REAP Staff

Dear Paul, I was just wondering what our religion says about putting animals down if they are in pain. My family has a pet rabbit which is getting very old, has a broken foot, and is basically in a lot of pain. It makes me sad...

(Here’s the chapter entitled “Ugly Emily” from Paul Masek’s book “Stirring It Up” on the topic of Reading the Bible!

Emily thought she was an ugly teenager. She was going through an especially difficult time in her life because everything was changing. She didn’t like her hair, her face, her teeth, or the shape of her body. She didn’t think her personality was all that great either. The boys in her class seemed much more interested in talking to and hanging out with the “prettier” girls than with her. Even though Emily’s parents really loved her and constantly reminded her of her beauty, she didn’t believe it. The world and her friends had convinced her otherwise. Yes, Emily thought she was ugly.