Many of us desire to grow closer to Jesus, but we don’t always know how—or we forget. These videos – from our archives – offer us all some very practical ways to grow in faith. Click on any or all of the following for great ideas as to how to stir up the Holy Spirit in your life.

When moving on seems impossible, there are a few things that can help you work through the loss and start fresh; we hope you will benefit from this advice from one of our former staff members. Not only do we offer you the question and answer below, but for additional encouragement, be sure to click on the audio player and listen to our podcast – full of much more practical advice!

Part One Here is the full audio of part one of Pope John Paul II's speech to the young people of St. Louis on January 26, 1999: [su_audio url="http://reapteam.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2018/12/jpII-part-one.mp3"] and here is the text, so you can read along: Dear Young People of St. Louis, Dear Young People of...

We all have been wounded, not only by other people but also by the ‘stuff of life’ that we go through every day; this prayer can help you to experience some healing. As you pray this prayer, allow God to bring to the surface some of your hurt and pain – so that you can forgive those who have hurt you, so that you might become aware of any ways you need counseling or spiritual direction, and so that ultimately you can experience God’s Healing Love more fully than ever.