Chastity—Going Deeper on the Internet

Chastity—Going Deeper on the Internet


A wealth of information about chastity is on our website where numerous documents answer common questions and concerns about sexuality. These resources will help teens and adults establish a firm foundation as to the importance of chastity.

A youth minister has told REAP…

"I have been using your web site as a resource to prepare us (the core team) for an all girl, all guy mini retreat we are having on Friday. In giving some resources to the adults to read, I mentioned your web site as a place that really speaks the truth about Jesus, His Love and living lives of chastity."

A man recently wrote to REAP…

"Although I am not a Catholic and am not familiar with Catholic practices I found your site reapteam.org very informative and educational. I am working on my spiritual life and trying to gain a better understanding of God and his relationship with sexuality issues. Your site lays an excellent groundwork for anyone seeking to better understand chastity and purity. I am making note of your site and will spread the word to anyone who will listen."

Ideas for the classroom

-In the document "Chastity Testimonies", students can read from over 12 personal stories written by St. Louis area teens and young adults. Each story includes why and/or how the individual lives chastity. Assign students to read all of the testimonies (ideally during class time). Then, ask them to do one or all of the following:

  • List their favorite 10 quotes after reading all the testimonies
  • Write about their favorite testimony—what especially struck them and why
  • Write their own chastity testimony

-Use the book list for book report projects.

-Students can browse "Chastity Links" to find their favorite site and favorite article on sexuality. They can then write why it was their favorite article.

-In teams, students can add to the "Creative Dating" list. This can be done in contest format—whichever team comes up with the most ideas first wins a prize. (Feel free to email us such ideas as well!)

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