Common Questions on Same-Sex Attraction

Common Questions on Same-Sex Attraction

It’s a big issue – especially in our world today, with Macklemore singing about “Same Love” and Pope Francis saying, “Who am I to judge?”

Catholics of all ages are asking some complicated questions when it comes to homosexuality and same-sex attractions, and we’ve found it tough to find solid Catholic answers written for you, teenagers living in 21st century America – so we’ve done our best to put something together with you in mind.

Whenever we have questions, we know there are always answers. These aren’t easy questions and they cannot be answered in 140 characters or less, but hopefully the articles below will serve you well as you seek to learn more about what the Church teaches, and why.

The list below includes some of the more common questions on same-sex attraction – and each one is a link to our best answers. Please know that we prayed hard and worked hard on these articles, and we are working hard and praying hard for you.


Common Questions on Same-Sex Attraction:

1.     Love is love – why is the Church opposed to people loving one another?

2.     What is the Church’s teaching on homosexuality?

3.     Why can’t gays get married? When is the Church going to ‘get with it’ and allow it?

4.     Who are we to judge?

5.     I agree with the Church’s teachings, but I’m not sure how to talk about it with

my family/friends. How do I speak the truth with nothing but love?

6.     What if I think I’m gay?

7.     My friend is gay – what do I do?

8.     My child is gay – what do I do?

9.     Where can I learn more? (resources and links)

Rachel Leininger is the full-time chastity educator for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis' REAP Team retreat ministry. She's married to the excessively creative and unfairly gorgeous David. Her favorite things include decorating their home, everything Cardinals baseball, and coffee.

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