Athlete’s Choice for Chastity

Athlete’s Choice for Chastity

Chastity was never easy for this high school and college football player, but Dan is so grateful for the gift, especially now that he’s 23-years-old and dating an amazing woman.

What is Chastity? What does it mean and how does it pertain to me? These are the kind of questions that some teenagers would ask because they were never told about it before. To me chastity means a lot of things. It means not having sex until you are married and then when you are married not having sex with anyone else but your wife. These are some obvious textbook reasons, but chastity means so much more. I have decided to save myself for marriage. This not an easy decision to make, much less keep it. I know some people who once said they would wait, but when they got themselves into a position where the temptation was too much for them, they gave in.

The key thing that I am saying, and what I’ve done in my own life is to not put myself in those tempting situations. I have been dating my girlfriend for over 1-1/2 years now and I care for her very much. What we did was to set certain limits; we don’t want to give into any temptations that might arise. I truly believe that because we have done this, our relationship has become stronger. We respect each other and our own bodies. I don’t think that I have to go into all the bad things that can happen in premarital sex and there are a lot. What I want to be able to say to my wife on our wedding night is that I saved my whole self; body, heart, soul, and mind for her. What greater gift can you give to your spouse than that? I know that in our world today people do not condemn sex before marriage and that there are a lot of temptations out there. I know I’ve been tempted before and still am but I trust in the Lord and can count on Him to help me through my rough times. I also truly believe that when you say that you are going to wait till marriage that you will have a better time with the opposite sex. Other people will like you more and respect you more even if they don’t show it all the time. When I leave for a date, I know that I feel better because I’m not worried about what is going to happen at the end of the night. I have fun and enjoy myself and the people around us have fun, too. I challenge you to make a promise to yourself that you will wait until marriage and try and not put yourself into positions to be tempted into doing something you are not ready to do – and be able to say to your wife that you waited for her.

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