Emily’s Thoughts on the Power of Sex

Emily’s Thoughts on the Power of Sex

Emily wants sex to be everything it’s meant to be, nothing less. Read why how she views awesome, wonderful sex.

Hi! It’s Emily. I’ve got a question for you. What is sex? Sex is wonderful! Sex is awesome! It is such an incredible feeling, right? What is regret? Regret is wishing you could do something over. It is a bad feeling in your stomach that says you did something bad. So if sex is so wonderful, why do so many people mix it with something as bad as regret? Because that is what premarital sex does. Sex outside of marriage is mixed with regret constantly. What kinds of regret? Well girls-Am I going to get pregnant? Am I going to get sick? Am I going to get a reputation? Does he really love me? Guys -Am I going to be a daddy? Are people going to find out? Am I going to get sick? All of these questions go along with premarital sex and they lead to regret. So if sex is so wonderful why do so many teenagers mix it with regret? That is a question that you have to answer for yourself. But I can tell the way not to. It is my way, the right way, and God’s way. The only way to prevent the mixing of sex with regret is to save yourself for marriage. Think about it. What regrets are you going to have when you have sex with your husband or wife? None-Exactly! Because that is where sex is supposed to be. So I would like to challenge you. Don’t mix such a wonderful thing with such terrible thing. Save yourself for marriage and have the greatest sex possible.

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