Examination of Conscience

Examination of Conscience

The REAP Team offers you this examination of conscience to help you as you seek to become closer to God. It is also attached to this page as a Word document in case you would like to print off copies for a Sacramental Reconciliation service.

This activity will help us reflect on our lives while we examine the Ten Commandments in specific detail. Use the questions below to help discover the areas of your life that keep you from God and His love. This is just for you, so feel free to mark on the page, if preferred. This activity is most helpful during prayer time and/or preparation for reconciliation.

  1. I am the Lord, your God, you shall have no other gods besides me.
    1. Do I acknowledge that God is my creator?
    2. Do I give God due respect and praise?
    3. Have I sometimes had an attitude of indifference toward God or my beliefs?
    4. Have I felt angry toward God because of my situation and circumstances?
    5. Do I have other “gods” or priorities before God, such as my friends, grades, job, possessions, sports, image, etc.?
    6. Do I have a relationship/friendship that “rules” my life?
    7. If God is a priority in my life, do I take time to know him better by praying, reading scripture-just spending time with God?
    8. Have I ever been involved in the occult, or used horoscopes, ouija boards, tarot cards, psychics, or fortune telling-seeking other “spirits” than God for guidance?
  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
    1. Have I used profane language, cussing, or swearing?
    2. Have I passively allowed slander or jokes aimed at demeaning my religion, church, or God to be said?
    3. Have I allowed myself to participate in ritualistic worship while my heart has been far from God? If yes, is my attitude toward this apathetic and indifferent?
  3. Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy.
    1. Have I allowed myself to become so dominated by work, chores, sports, and friends that I have not made Sunday a priority for spiritual, family, and community activities?
    2. Have I attended Mass on a regular basis?
    3. At Mass, am I content with a passive, unconcerned attitude rather trying to get involved and better understand my faith?
    4. Do I actively seek and communicate personally with God at church or do I expect to be entertained and get frustrated when I’m not?
    5. Do I get so frustrated that I am forced to go to church that I do not completely enter into the blessings of Mass?
    6. Am I more caught up in the fact that I need to go to church that I don’t appreciate what is being offered to me? If yes; what is it that causes my frustration? Have I addressed my feelings with people that can help me understand, or lead me into a better knowledge of my faith?
  4. Honor your mom and dad.
    1. Do I listen respectfully, and obey my parents?
    2. Have I reacted negatively, or shown indifference, to my parents when they are concerned and interested in my daily activities?
    3. Do I feel embarrassment toward my parents, their appearance, or behavior?
    4. Have I held resentment toward my mom or dad for little things?
    5. Do I hold a grudge, and harbor bitterness, against either or both of my parents for mistakes they have made? Do I refuse to forgive?
    6. Do I blame my mom or dad for my shortcomings?
  5. You shall not kill.
    1. Have I ever contemplated suicide or had thoughts of not desiring to be alive?
    2. Have I injured or struck someone with the intention of seriously hurting him/her?
    3. Have I had an abortion or advocated abortion either with my actions or opinions?
    4. Have I endangered my life or others through the use of drugs or alcohol?
    5. Have I ever killed someone’s spirit with my words, actions or blatant lack of attention and respect?
  6. You shall not commit adultery.
    1. Have I involved myself in sexual activity, either by lustful thoughts, intercourse or inappropriate physical touching outside or before the commitment of marriage?
    2. Have I used people physically for my own pleasure, comfort, security, or image?
    3. Have I exposed myself to pornography-indecent shows, movies, explicit material on the Internet, or in magazines, etc.-that disrupt my thought-life that can lead me into sinful behavior?
    4. Have I physically/sexually forced myself onto another?
    5. Have I given my mind over to lustful thoughts or fantasies?
    6. Have I talked about, joked about or enjoyed indecent, obscene conversation or stories?
  7. You shall not steal.
    1. Have I taken things that do not belong to me?
    2. Do I have an attitude of indifference toward taking “small” things from school, work, parents, etc.?
    3. Have I been irresponsible in returning things that are not mine?
    4. Have I copied on a test, paper or homework assignment, by taking answers or questions that should not have been in my possession?
    5. Have I wasted my time at work by not doing a proper job?
    6. Have I been extravagant about my spending my money or my family’s with little or no concern toward the more needy?
    7. Have I been irresponsible by wasting my money or my family’s on gambling?
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    1. Have I hurt someone’s name or reputation by taking part in gossip or slander?
    2. Have I hurt others by talking about their failures or sins with little or no desire to help them?
    3. Have I unfairly judged/labeled others based on their appearance or habits before getting to know them?
    4. Have I been part of calling names or being mean toward others with my actions and words?
    5. Have I been prejudiced against anyone because of his/her race, economic status, age, religion, or nationality?
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
    1. Have I looked with desire toward another’s girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?
    2. Have felt greedy or envious toward others because of their relationships?
    3. Have I distanced myself emotionally and personally from my own family or relationships due to my desire for the relationships of others?
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.
    1. Do I habitually compare myself with others’ wealth, status, education, house, clothing or talents?
    2. Am I jealous of others people’s good fortune, life, or success?
    3. Do I have a low self-esteem because of my comparisons with others?
    4. Do I spend more money and time than is necessary in making myself accepted and liked by others?
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