Fall 2008 Newsletter

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Trivia,  Pink Hair, An Awesome Concert, Something about a Vampire, iBible, Free Stuff,  and many more fun tidbits from the REAP Team headquarters

REAP Team Newsletter
Read It and REAP!!

GIVEAWAY #25 – What group headlined the first ever REAP Team benefit concert?

Be one of the first two people to email paul@reapteam.org with the correct answer and you and a guest will get free entrance in to this year's benefit concert featuring Karl Zimmerman and Pete Buncher.

News from our last giveaway!!! AND THE WINNERS ARE…

Maria who lives in Pennsylvania, and from Missouri – Jerry from Warrenton and Grace from Florissant.


Seeking New Volunteers

If you're interested in joining REAP as a volunteer next semester, check out the application and don't forget the December 5th deadline – this is a little earlier than previously published due to scheduling conflicts.  Remember, it’s always okay to apply early!!  Our Training will be Friday, January 2nd from 9-4.  You must be able to attend this important training day in order to be considered for joining the REAP Team this winter.

REAP Benefit Concert December 12th 2008 – Featuring Karl Zimmerman and Pete Buncher

The concert will be at DeSmet Jesuit High School at 7:30.  Tickets will be sold at the door and only cost $5!!  What a great way to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Evangelizing, by supporting the Retreat Evangelization And Prayer Team and by rocking out to some awesome Catholic musicians! Doors open at 7pm and we hope to see everyone there!!!

Paul with Pink Hair!?!?!???! 
That's right!!!  At the benefit concert you may even see Paul with pink hair!!  Sadly, it is still only a possibility and not a sure thing.  We must get 1000 subscribers to the podcast by December 5th and if we do Paul will dye his hair PINK!!!  How fantastic would that be?!?!!!  You can subscribe through iTunes or our website.  Your subscription will not only help bring some pink hair style to Paul's life, but it will also connect you with a pretty amazing resource!!  Subscribe Today!!!!  Seriously, you can pause your newsletter reading and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!

FUN STUFF – on YouTube!

Watch the local blues band called The Kingdom Brothers tear it up on YouTube.

Video 1

Video 2

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this Turkey isn't taking any chances!

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!

JeffCo Lifeteen is starting a group for college aged teens who are staying in town after graduating. If you are a college teen or know any college teens looking for community after high school join us and let all your friends know!!

Our Mass is 6:00pm St. Joseph's Imperial. The group will meet after mass until 9:00pm. Please pass this on to everyone you know. For info contact Paul Halfmann at 636.464-6300 or jclifeteen@earthlink.net


True Love Waits…Vampire-Style

What do a 100+ year old Vampire and Chastity have in common?  Read this article and find out!!

"The reason I talked about going through certain pains or even cutting myself is that I was already out the other side. I knew there were people that do that-and somehow are happy that somebody admitted they did and discussed how they got out of it. I don't see the point of doing an interview unless you're going to share the things you learn in life and the mistakes you make. So to admit that I'm extremely human and have done some dark things, I don't think makes me unusual or unusually dark. I think it actually is the right thing to do."

– Actress Angelina Jolie, Entertainment Weekly, June 20, 2008, p. 24

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For the dudes…

John Bosco grew-up in Turin, Italy and was ordained to the priesthood in 1841. He dedicated his life to working with abandoned young people during the industrial revolution. In 1859, he founded the Salesian Society and in 1872 the Salesian Sisters to work for girls. He died on January 31, 1888. Today, the Salesian Family numbers 40,000 members working in over 100 countries. Find out more about this dynamic order and how you can become part of it!  Find out more and check out a cool video on the Salesian Brothers

Got iPhone?  Get Bible!

Here's a link to a list of FREE Bible software for your iPhone!  Check it out and stay connected to God's word as you stay connected to family and friends.

Speaking of the Bible…

Joe was experiencing a very tough time in his life. He felt his faith slipping and was desperate. He pulled out his Bible and decided to randomly open it up to get a word from God.

So he flipped pages and stopped at Matthew 27:5, which says, "Judas went out and hanged himself."

He thought he'd try it again and Luke 10:37 came up, where Jesus said, "Go and do thou likewise."

So he quickly flipped to another verse and landed on John 13:27, which says, "What you are about to do, do quickly."


The Bible is a great source of wisdom, but it's most helpful when we use it wisely.  Check out the chapter Ugly Emily about reading Scripture from Paul's book Stirring it Up, which, by the way, would make a fabulous Christmas present for anyone who doesn't own a copy…it is even now in some excellent bookstores…find out where here

BLOG Babblings

Paul's recent ramblings: The Pink Hair Podcast Challenge

Gretchen’s recent rambling: A Tattoo Saved My Mom's Life 

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Because you know how much we love FREE STUFF!!!!! (uhm, cuz it's free, and it's stuff – duh!)

Sally Bolderson is a friend of the REAP Team who is actively involved in music ministry at Holy Trinity Parish in St. Ann, MO. She has written a great Advent/Christmas song, and she is making it available as a free download for anyone who wants to listen. You might want to consider sharing it with anyone you know who does music ministry, especially, with children. You can download the song at this link – www.happyfeat.com/reap/music/peace-on-earth.mp3 


Songwriting duo Shane & Shane offer their first ever Christmas project, Glory In The Highest (A Christmas Record), in stores October 14. The album features 8 holiday classics like "O Holy Night," "O Come O Come Emmanuel" & "White Christmas," plus 3 original recordings, all with a jazzy country/gospel flare.

Get a FREE download of "Away In A Manger" by clicking here:


More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.

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For Parents/Teachers/Adults 

Interview with Palmer Parker 
Ten years after its first release, Parker Palmer is republishing his book of encouragement for teachers called The Courage to Teach. The book helped countless teachers and other professionals to recover meaning in their work lives, in the midst of troubled, sometimes toxic systems. Recently, TheHighCalling.org spoke to Mr. Palmer about helping teachers and other professionals reconnect with their vocations and reclaim their passion for work.  Part One   Part Two

LATEST RESEARCH: Celebrity Obsession
Who do the kids you know and love look up to? A recent British survey reflects what’s happeningglobally with what’s now being labeled celebrity obsession. Two-thirds of teachers reported that the type of celebrity their kids most wanted to emulate was sports stars. More than half of all students want to grow up to be pop stars.

From their vantage point, teachers say they believe that this celebrity obsession has translated into a fixation that has negatively impacted the aspirations of their pupils. More and more teachers are discovering that students want to be famous for being famous. In addition, students are trying to look and behave like the celebrities they admire the most, including dressing in inappropriate and provocative ways.

For those of us who are Christians, we know that there’s a huge difference between watching celebrities, and worshipping celebrities. In today’s world, our kids need to know that the only one worthy of worship is Jesus Christ. Everything else, is idolatry.

*This article was reprinted from cpyu’s parent page.  The parent page is a monthly newsletter for parents.  The REAP Team would like to start passing this valuable resource on to interested parents and teachers.  If you’d like to start receiving a free copy every month, just reply to this email with the subject line sign me up for the parent page.

More on youth culture from the great folks at CPYU

Recent and Questions from Teens and Adults
Is Showering Together unchaste?
Help! I just discovered my son has been viewing porn!

Our most popular question from teens is How can I stop thinking about my ex?  We know from personal experience how difficult this can be, so one day recently the four of us on staff, Paul, Gretchen, Heather and Mary, sat down and talked about it.  Luckily for you, we recorded that conversation and you can listen to it here or by going to iTunes and subscribing to REAP Team podcasts.


Q:  What do you call a cow that won't give milk?
A:  A milk dud!

Q: What kinds of horses go out after dark?
A: Nightmares

Potent Quotables

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
~ Mother Theresa

"Heaven must be in me before I can be in heaven."
~ Charles Stanford

"Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe."
~ Saint Augustine

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Cool Websites…

How well do you know your candy bars?


How well do you know burgers?


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