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No matter where you are in life, or how demanding your schedule is, there’s a number of ways you can get involved. Please prayerfully consider these options as you discern your role in our ministry.

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"The whole team were fantastic public speakers. To be honest I thought I’d be sleeping the whole time, but all of you were extremely engaging in your talks and I felt like I could really relate to your stories. Great job reap team."

"Thank you for a great day!! I feel that the day just went so well. So, so many got something from the day. The flow and activities were perfect. There was a great balance between fun and serious. And the students responded well to both."

"Every student I have talked to said they had a great time on their retreat! I thought the day went very well, and that they responded well to all the various activities. I’m so thankful to be able to count on the REAP Team to do such a great job every single time!"

"This ministry means the world to me. I can't express how much I love reap and everything they do. The longer I stay involved, the more I realize how much REAP has made me who I am, and I am so so grateful."

"You never know the impact of what REAP is doing, even on team members. I'm so grateful to be a part of a team that makes me feel accountable even when I'm far away."

"Our daughter got a lot out of her REAP retreat. We made a donation because of all they do for God's flock. We thank REAP and we look forward to seeing them again."

"Thanks for your openness and generous serving of the Lord in this great ministry. And for sharing feedback. It inspires, bring some tears, and lifts all of us up to better serve our wonderful God!"

"It is a big surprise to the youth when they come to the retreat expecting it to be humdrum, and discover how much fun they have. To sum it up, when the retreat is over, they are eating out of your hands and in love with Jesus. Praise the Lord for the REAP team ministry."

"Thanks for being so open to the Holy Spirit in leading REAP team retreats. You continue to touch so many young people with the the Gospel message."

"REAP's hard work, honesty, and grace-filled presence were just the gifts our students needed. I look forward to working with them again."

"I just wanted to thank REAP Team for their contribution to our Confirmation Retreat. They were just wonderful. Our kids really enjoyed it, and I believe they really got something out of all the talks."

"REAP Team helped my friendships become stronger. I forgave them and they forgave me. Before today my friendships were about to go down hill. The retreat opened our minds, souls, and heart. "

"REAP absolutely inspired me and changed my life. Everything they shared and said was dead on perfect and amazing."

"I want to show the youth of the Church how exciting God can be. I want to help bring back any who may be lost or giving up on God."

"Even if a REAP Retreat can just plant a seed with the students we work with, all of the work is more than worth it."

"We know that each retreat is worth it, whether they help one student or fifty students. We know that the money we donate to The REAP Team is well spent."

"Because it has had such a positive impact on our kids, and we see what a wonderful job the staff members do, we enjoy donating to The REAP Team."

"The REAP Team uses humor and fun to open the hearts of teens, and then brings the powerful message of the Gospel in a practical way to teens."

" I have seen teens begin a retreat with a wall up or seem lukewarm about their faith, but after the retreat their faith is transformed and they are excited and on fire for God."

"The REAP Team is Spirit filled and deeply rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church."

"The REAP Team is plugged into youth culture and is aware of the struggles and challenges youth deal with."

"I choose the REAP Team for all of our high school class retreats. They are high energy and love to have fun with young people."