Kyle’s Simple Perspective

Kyle’s Simple Perspective

Kyle uses a simple analogy to explain why saving sex for marriage makes sense to him.

Chastity. To a whole lot of us, that word can mean many different things. The real definition of the word according to the Catholic Church is the control of our sexual powers until marriage. Of course, many of you probably have different definitions. Switching topics a little, marriage is the whole key to sex, at least to me. It really is a big topic, but not too big to understand. Marriage is simply two people coming together to share everything and to love each other forever. This is BIG STUFF. Getting married to the person you love is an essential step for sex. Without marriage, there is no passion, no drive, and no real reason behind sex.

Sex itself has two main purposes. You’re probably asking yourself what they are. Guess what? I’m going to tell you. The first purpose is obviously to bear children. This has been why sex has been around for centuries. Then there’s the second reason … sex brings married couples much closer together than any words ever could. Through sex, a bond is created that will last for a lifetime, not just until the afterglow wears off. An important side note here: Sex is not for pleasure alone. Too many times a person will flip on the TV and see a blond goddess sunbathing in a skintight bikini. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not sex at all, merely a misguided attempt to relieve society’s sexual tension.

I have a great analogy for you to illustrate what happens when a person has sex outside of marriage with someone they don’t truly love. Here goes. When a person writes a check for something and they don’t have enough money in their account, the check will bounce. The same goes for relationships. If you have sex and your heart doesn’t have the passion to back it up, the relationship will bounce. Pure and simple, no exceptions.

Now, on a lighter note, for people who have already given into the temptation of sex before marriage, there is a way out! There’s a thing that God made up called ‘secondary virginity’. This is a really cool thing; trust me. When a person has sex and regrets it afterward, that same person can pray to God to restore their ‘spiritual virginity’. Obviously, you can’t ask God to restore it six times, but it’s nice in case of a screw-up. (Get it? Screw-up!) Anyway, that’s primarily what I have to say to you. Oh yeah! If you ever need someone to talk to about sex, the last person to go to is your peers. That will be a major mistake; I’ve had a firsthand experience with it. Chances are that your peers won’t know any more than you do and will be shooting in the dark.

My final words to you are this: Sex has to be controlled to be enjoyed. Sounds simple enough to me.

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