15 very practical tips for chaste living.

15 very practical tips for chaste living.

15 very practical tips for chaste living.teen couple
And there’s stuff in here for both men and women!

1.    Know why you want to wait—be educated about chastity.
2.    Be bold and vocal about your decision—prepared for peer pressure.
3.    Find a friend and mentor to support you—be held accountable.
4.    Be selective about whom you date and your friends—find people who encourage you.
5.    Leave un-healthy relationships and find support to not return.
6.    Communicate openly about sex, respect and chastity early in a relationship.
7.    Set physical limits/boundaries with each person you date.
8.    Plan dates to avoid surprise situations where you might be uncomfortable.
9.    Avoid the use of drugs and alcohol—they decrease your ability to make good choices.
10.    Avoid movies, activities and music that are sexually oriented or explicit.
11.    Avoid long periods of time alone and the strong temptation to be sexually active.
12.    Never view pornography—which completely devalues sex & makes women into objects for pleasure only. This is very damaging to healthy sexuality.
13.    Think of your future spouse at tempting moments.
14.    Confess when you fail—either in small ways or big ways.
15.    Stay close to God—seek His help: PRAY (this most important)!

•    Don’t fall for stereotypes—becoming a man is not connected with sex.
•    Ignore guys who make fun of you.
•    Encourage women to dress modestly—compliment a lady for her personality and when she’s in sweats, not just when she’s wearing something sexy.
•    Use sexual energy in healthy ways—such as sports, hobbies, etc.

•    Be prepared to answer stupid lines:
◦    If you love me you would do it—If you love me, you wouldn’t pressure or ask.
◦    Everybody else is doing it—Good, then it will be easy to find someone else.
◦    Don’t you love me—Yeah, that’s why I’m saying no. And, I love God and respect myself more.
◦    I won’t get you pregnant or give you a disease—Exactly, because I won’t have sex with you.
◦    I might marry you—Good, then we can enjoy this on our wedding night.
◦    If you don’t, I’ll move on—Nice knowing you, bye bye.

•    Dress appropriately—live modestly, from the inside out. When we dress provocatively, it is very difficult for men to see us as whole people, instead of just a few body parts. We deserve complete respect—not to be looked at as an object or abused in a guy’s mind.

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