Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

People often want to contact our volunteers directly. Here are our guidelines for such communication.

The REAP Team Privacy Policy

REAP Team volunteers are not allowed to exchange personal information, including phone numbers, email addresses, social media information, or mailing addresses with anyone (whether adults or teens) following a REAP retreat on which he or she served. REAP Team volunteers can be contacted either by emailing a REAP Team staff member (who will then forward the message to the REAP Team volunteer), or by snail mail sent to the REAP Team office. If further ministry is needed, especially one-on-one ministry, it will transpire with a REAP Team staff member, and if the issue is a chastity-related issue, the ministry will be done with the involvement of a staff member of the same sex.

The Rationale Behind the Policy

Volunteer’s Time & Expertise
The focus of REAP Team volunteers is to minister at scheduled retreats, and therefore further ministry with individuals is beyond the scope of the their commitment. Most volunteers are full-time students or have full-time jobs, in addition other volunteer work they may do in their parishes and communities. Our volunteers are not asked, nor are they trained, to provide one-on-one ministry to the young people or adults they serve on retreats. Therefore, this policy protects our volunteers’ time and keeps them focused on the ministry they do on our retreats. Additionally, this policy reflects the intentions of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, specifically those regarding “Protecting God’s Children.” We want to avoid any appearance of impropriety, as well as potentially complicated situations that can occur from personal contact outside of the retreat setting – whether with members of the same sex, or of the opposite sex.

Staff Members
REAP Team Staff members are trained youth ministers who are able to best help young people grow in faith after a REAP retreat. They are here to help. To find out who is on staff, or who you might connect with best, please read about our staff on the Contact Us page. If you’ve been through difficult times, have a question about faith or just want to stay connected to someone on REAP, the staff is alway available.

Contacting REAP Team Volunteers

Should you wish to send a personal note to a REAP Team volunteer, there are several options. You can write them a note on your retreat evaluation form, and it will be copied and given to them. You can send an email message or Facebook message to any staff member of the REAP Team, addressing the message to a volunteer, and it will be forwarded to them (since some volunteers do many retreats, please indicate the date and location of the retreat you attended). And, you can send a note to their attention at the REAP Team office (The REAP Team, 27 Grand Circle Drive, Maryland Heights, MO 63043). Although ongoing dialogue with a REAP Team volunteer is not allowed, it does bless our volunteers to know that they are making a difference, so feel free to contact them in any of these ways!

Finally, please know that you can feel free to contact a REAP staff member at any time. If you ever feel like you need a safe place to ask questions you have about any thing at any time, we are here for you. Though it can take us a little bit of time to get back to you when our schedule is hectic, we always reply personally to every email and letter that we receive.

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