The REAL Jesus – Online

The REAL Jesus – Online

We on the REAP Team want to put out a challenge to you and it is a challenge that we are going to take. It is a simple way that we can put Jesus first in our lives by spending some extra time with Him every time we go online.

We want to invite you to change your homepage – we have already done so – so that before we surf the web, get on Facebook, read the news, or check our email, we can visit Jesus in this awesome virtual adoration chapel – www.savior.org

On this incredible yet simple website, a web cam is focused on Jesus, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.

How much time you spend is, of course, up to you. But we think Jesus would love it if we would simply say hello, or pray for our loved ones, or tell Him we love Him, or even ask Him to bless our surfing and online correspondence. It is up to you, but we just wanted to invite you to join us.

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Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament is presented live via webcam from the Chapel of Divine Love in Philadelphia, PA – a source of perpetual Eucharistic adoration by the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters since 1916.

In case you didn’t know, the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are also known as the Pink Sisters and while the web cam is from their convent in PA, the Pink Sisters also have a convent here in St. Louis!!! You can find out more about them at http://www.mountgraceconvent.org/

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