Our Unique Approach


A Great Mix of Serious & Fun

We tell jokes, play games, enact skits, and perform dramas in a way that shows how we take the Gospel seriously without taking ourselves seriously.


We know how to speak the language of the people we serve and to a culture that is always changing.

We Come to You

You don’t need to come to us. We come to your location and engage within your environment. Our active social media outreach is another way we meet people where they are.

Personal Testimonies

We share real-life, personal stories about how God has moved us because we find that personal testimonies speak louder than anything else.

Dedicated Staff

Since our staff is made up of local volunteers, we understand the St. Louis community well and know the best ways to reach its members.

REAP’s Upcoming Retreats

We are constantly on-the-go spreading the Gospel message to youth of all ages. Here’s a calendar of our upcoming retreats.



"The whole team were fantastic public speakers. To be honest I thought I’d be sleeping the whole time, but all of you were extremely engaging in your talks and I felt like I could really relate to your stories. Great job reap team."

"Thank you for a great day!! I feel that the day just went so well. So, so many got something from the day. The flow and activities were perfect. There was a great balance between fun and serious. And the students responded well to both."

"Every student I have talked to said they had a great time on their retreat! I thought the day went very well, and that they responded well to all the various activities. I’m so thankful to be able to count on the REAP Team to do such a great job every single time!"

"REAP's hard work, honesty, and grace-filled presence were just the gifts our students needed. I look forward to working with them again."

"I just wanted to thank REAP Team for their contribution to our Confirmation Retreat. They were just wonderful. Our kids really enjoyed it, and I believe they really got something out of all the talks."

"REAP Team helped my friendships become stronger. I forgave them and they forgave me. Before today my friendships were about to go down hill. The retreat opened our minds, souls, and heart. "

"REAP absolutely inspired me and changed my life. Everything they shared and said was dead on perfect and amazing."

"The REAP Team is Spirit filled and deeply rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church."

"The REAP Team is plugged into youth culture and is aware of the struggles and challenges youth deal with."

"I choose the REAP Team for all of our high school class retreats. They are high energy and love to have fun with young people."



Schedule a retreat today! It’s easy. It’s free.

Our suggested retreat fee schedule is listed below. The REAP Team depends primarily upon retreat fees and private donations for its existence, though we also receive some funding from the Archdiocesan Annual Catholic Appeal.

You are not entering into any agreements by clicking the “Schedule Now” button. We simply want to know the size of your group and the days that you’re available.

Service Fee Book
Our minimum fee for any ministry event is… $300.00
For a retreat for up to 25 people we ask… $130/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 26-50 people we ask… $140/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 51-75 people we ask… $160/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 76-100 people we ask… $170/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 101-125 people we ask… $180/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 126-150 people we ask… $190/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 151-175 people we ask… $200/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for 176-200 people we ask… $210/hour Schedule Now
For a retreat for over 200 people we ask… $230/hour Schedule Now
For an overnight retreat, we ask… $2000 Schedule Now

Travel Reimbursement Policy: We are eliminating the the mileage reimbursement fee for groups outside of our Archdiocese, and will instead be charging a travel fee. This travel fee will be calculated by determining the number of hours (in 15 minute intervals) for round trip travel from our ministry office at 27 Grand Circle Drive in Maryland Heights, MO to the retreat venue – using Google Maps. This travel fee will be half of the hourly rate for that particular event.