What are people saying about the Romantic Revolution?!?

What are people saying about the Romantic Revolution?!?

Feedback from Romantic Revolution

From the 7th & 8th Grade Young Women-
-I loved it; it gave me reasons to be chaste.
-It was awesome. I learned a little about chastity in school but I learned a lot here.
-I loved this retreat! It was fun and full of non-stop activities. I think that young people will choose to become chaste.
-I thought it was really fun since it was explained really well. I learned that chastity is a better way to live.
-I really liked it because it inspired me and opened my eyes to what chastity really is.
-I liked it because I love to hear stories of people and it kept my interest.
-It made me think more about what love is and how I want to spend my life and about being happy and learning about what chastity is.
-I liked it a lot; it gave me a better way to understand this.
-I thought it was really fun because I liked the leaders and games.
-I really liked the retreat. I think it helped me understand why we practice chastity; it connected it to my life and I felt okay talking about it.
-I liked it a lot. I can actually use the information in real life
-I always love hearing real life stories so I loved the talks.
-It made me think about how I act with guys.
-I liked the movie clip. It was really sweet and you could tell that it was true love.
-I started to realize things and think about things I never thought of before.
-Nothing to say but I loved it!
-I really love it because it shows you that there are people who care and will do anything to show you that you need to respect yourself.
-I liked the modesty talk from Chris (the guy on the team).
-I thought it was great. I really like the talks. I will always remember to believe in myself.
-They (they activities) were very fun, when we had to make bumper stickers, they had us think about why to be chaste.
-I love the way you guys are so energetic in everything!
-It was a lot of fun. I actually came to know peoples stories. It was neat to hear them talk about chastity.

Most important thing learned –
-Sex isn't wrong, it's so important that you should save it.
-What you wear shows what guys you attract; it helps with dating
-I learned to love myself.
-Chastity is not a boring way to live.
-It told me that God is what really matters.
-I liked learning about this because now I realize that I need to respect myself.
-My favorite (talk) is "are you datable" because I really looked at how I presented myself to guys. I might change some of the ways I act around guys because I heard the speech.
-I learned to stay chaste and talk about it with my friends.
-God always love me.
-I am worth waiting for

What was most memorable to you?
-that other girls believe the same way I do.
-the group presentations!
-learning about what chastity is – now I will change my ways and go with chastity.
-I learned that you can choose chastity even when other people don't.
-how to stay modest and to be independent and trust.
-to remember to pray for my friends that they stay chaste and for my future spouse.
-the bumper stickers (group presentation activity) because they're funny.
-I think all the stories that everyone told will help me to remain chaste.
-The talks because they opened my eyes a lot.
-The most memorable was talking about how precious everyone is.

Did you grow closer to God during this time?
-Yes I did because now I know how God wanted me to be treated. Guys will respect you more because you love God.
-Yes, because I realized God always loves me, someone always loved me.
-Yes, I thought about how much I need God in all my relationships.
-I really grew closer to God; I feel like I am much closer.
-Yes, I learned how much God loves me.
-Yes because it tells me he loves me even more than I thought he did.
-Yes, I learned God has more meaning to me than a guy can treat me.
-Yes, now I see why sex is so powerful!
-Yes, because I decided to go chastity.

From Moms or Girl Scout Troop Leaders-
-Fantastic! (x2)
-I liked the way – several ways – you've reached out to everyone. At least one story had to reach each person.
-Loved it!! (x3)
-Young people can influence other younger 13-year-olds more than parents can with some issues.
-I think that my daughter really "heard" the message.
-Most helpful was letting my daughter see other young people believe and practice chastity.
-Everyone was enthusiastic.
-Covered a range of very appropriate topics that were presented at a level that all the girls could easily understand.
-Loved listening to the subject from the different speakers.
-The talks from the teens were most memorable for me.
-I especially liked the male perspective on how men/boys view women.
-I think it was awesome. I liked the way the activities were spaced and all the "openness" with the leaders.
-I thought this was a good program. Young people relate to programs that are given by their own age group.
-I liked the talks especially Chris – I think the girls need to hear what boys really think!
-Great! Having teens explain why they've made this decision has a great impact!
-Very informative – good presentations. The drama was very good. The candy game was good as well.
-Excellent (x2) – right mix of talks and mixers and activities.
-(The talks) were very easy to follow and touched on many points.
-It was neat to watch how attentive the girls were to what was being said.
-Thank you to all of you for an awesome presentation today. The witnesses/talks were direct and to the point. I have to let you know the best part of the day was our drive home, my daughter and I had some great conversations about chastity, God, boys, school and choices! Here's to keeping the talking going and to continuing the "Romantic Revolution."

Most important thing learned –
-ways to talk to our children
-teaching me to not only pray for my children's chastity, but for their spouse also!
-How special our girls are and the messages they receive are so negative and upsetting.
-To better understand chastity and how to talk to my child about it.
-To bring young teens here so they can get the whole picture and I can "back off" on feeling like I have to impart the info – more intrinsic change instead of external pressure.

Did you grow closer to God during this time?
-Yes, by seeing how one little event may change the future of even one girl and how the word of chastity can be spread so easily and quickly.

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