I’ve Seen a Ghost…What Should I Do?

I’ve Seen a Ghost…What Should I Do?

I’ve seen a ghost in my house, I can’t sleep, & I am always nervous – what should I do?

Dear Friend,

As you know, in our culture today the issue of ghosts is getting a lot of attention; with shows like “Ghost Hunters” on TV and the “Paranormal Activity” movies, it is good to know how our church would have us respond.

To give you the best possible answer, I recently spoke with someone in the Archdiocese of St. Louis who has experience in dealing with these matters, and after a lengthy conversation, here is the best advice that we can give you.

The very first thing that we recommend is that you talk to a priest who you trust and tell him what has been happening. After explaining the situation to him (and the more he knows, the better) ask him if he would be willing to say a couple of Masses in which he would pray for the repose of the soul of this individual. It is quite possible that what you are experiencing is not evil, but that it is just a person who is not yet at rest. Committing this person to the Lord through a Catholic Mass is a very powerful spiritual tool. A priest actually celebrates such a Mass in a way very similar to what we Catholics do at a funeral Mass; asking the Lord to have mercy on someone who has died and to receive that person into His loving presence.

I will ask a good friend of mine here in St. Louis who is a holy priest to do this as well. But there is great value in having a priest that you know personally be aware of what you are experiencing, celebrate a Mass or two with this intention as a focal point, and offer you any follow-up assistance that might be needed.

Should you continue to experience a presence in the house after a couple of Masses have been said, the next step would be to request that a Mass be celebrated in your home with the same intention. With the Mass in your home, the priest would then do a house blessing, which is a very powerful Catholic practice that has been done for centuries. I have had some great experiences with house blessings, by the way. Every time my wife and I have moved into a new home we have had a house blessing, and we always feel better and have much more peace in our hearts – and in our home – after we do this.

Finally, I would also encourage you to keep doing everything in your power to keep growing in your faith. Whenever we feel fear for any reason at all, the best thing that we can do is to strengthen our relationship with Jesus – especially through regular reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Keep attending weekly Mass, and it would be great to go even more than once a week if at all possible. And keep going to Confession whenever you need to; if you haven’t been in a while, I always recommend going as soon as you can – just to make sure your heart is in the best possible place. As I’m sure you are experiencing, the closer you grow to Him, the less you will fear anything at all, because as we learn in the Bible in 1 John 4:18 “perfect love casts out all fear”. And Jesus is the source of perfect love. I pray that you never forget that.

Don’t hesitate to keep me posted; you know how to reach me. You remain in my prayers.

God Bless,

Paul Masek

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