Summer 2003 Newsletter

Summer 2003 Newsletter

director of Bruce Almighty, movie…”Therese,” Roe becomes Pro-Life, Happy Thoughts, Chap Stick Hotline, plus some.

REAP Team Newsletter
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Summer 2003

GIVEAWAY #9 ? Who is this famous, Catholic movie actor?
Be one the first five people to reply with the correct actor, and you’ll win a cool, big t-shirt. He has blue eyes, was in all Lethal Weapon movies and is currently making a movie about the Passion of Christ,which will depict Christ’s crucifixion very graphically and true to Scripture. He’s also an extremely devout Christian. For a hint, check out this cool website. http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/passion.htm

News from our last givaway!!! AND THE WINNERS ARE…
Beth F. from Florissant, MO and Mary B. from Ballwin, MO. They both received a Bible for knowing that St. Faustina was the young Polish woman who was called by God to the convent during a youth dance. http://catholicyouth.freeservers.com/


Music News:

-CMCentral.com is an online magazine about Christian Music, with weekly original content such as News, Album Reviews, Artist Interviews, and more. It’s also an all-in-one resource for Christian Music fans, with a complete Artist Database, and a full library of various resources of up-to-date information… http://www.cmcentral.com



Check out some very fun and time-wasting games at http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/


INTERESTED IN JOINING THE REAP TEAM??? If you’d like to apply for REAP for the 2003 – 2004 school year, make sure to go to the REAP website reapteam.org and select “Apply Today”. ALL COMPLETED APPLICATIONS ARE DUE JULY 28, 2003!!!


Ask Heather

If you have a random question about LOVE, SEX, or RELATIONSHIPS, please send it my way (heather@reapteam.org). You might see your question published in future editions of this nifty little newsletter.

Dear Heather,

Last Friday, I had sex for the first time. I really care for this guy and do not regret having sex with him. Before we had sex he said that someday, hopefully soon, that he wants to marry me. Though I feel that I HAVE sinned, I don’t feel bad for it. Am I a terrible person??? – Troubled Teen

Dear Troubled Teen,

You’re not a terrible person to not feel regret. This is logical since you haven’t experienced anything negative from your choice at this time. And, God created sex to be very good, and to feel good, forming a tight bond between man and woman. Therefore, you are simply experiencing some of the good feelings of sex with your boyfriend right now.

However, what you are experiencing now cannot last,and most likely will turn as powerfully painful as it has been good. Feelings come and go and often are not clued into reality. We feel scared when watching a horror movie, however, the logical truth is that we’re not in any more danger than before the movie began. I might have romantic feelings for a guy even though I know in my brain that he’s an illegal drug user and atheist (while I’m neither). For me to date him just because of my feelings would be unwise. Be careful about feelings-they come and go and they’re not always smart, but truth remains. Here’s the truth…(the complete answer).



Check out an interview with the director of “Bruce Almighty” (a Christian), along with some Christian perspectives on the movie:


A movie called “Therese”, about St. Therese of Lisieux, should be released in theatres in October 2003. For Hollywood to release the film they must see that there is sufficient interest in it. How do they determine this? These days they check the movie websites for the number of hits they get, which indicates the level of public interest. Therefore, the Catholic director is asking as many Catholics and Christians as possible to HIT the website: www.theresemovie.com so that this movie will make it to many big screens and bless many lives.


From this vantage point he could see clearly that those who pursue holiness can find both holiness and happiness, while those who pursue happiness can find neither.

— excerpt from Deadline by Randy Alcorn






You are invited to the Youth and Family Enounter in Chicago Thursday, July 17 to Sunday, July 20 at the Navy Pier. The weekend is a faith-filled time for teens to come and hear amazing speakers and bands, and just have fun! Teens can also arrive early on Saturday, July 12 for a five-day mission trip in Chicago where we will work with underprivileged children in downtown Chicago and then attend the conference on Thurday through Sunday. For more information, visit www.yfe.org, and for the Chicago mission, please call Heather Casper at 314-920-5437 or Emily Muetzel at 636-519-0488.



12:30 pm – 9:30 pm on Saturday, September 13th, 2003. Speaking will be Fr. Stan Fortuna (rappin? priest described in the Fall 2002 newsletter), Mark Hart (LIFE TEEN?s “BibleGeek”), and REAP’s very own Heather Gallagher. Included in all the fun activities of the day is Mass, dinner and a Concert with Matt Maher. Cost is $15 and it is all at Incarnate Word Parish in Chesterfield, MO. Contact Steve Allgeyer at 314.576.5366 x30 for tickets or more information.



Two guys were working at a sawmill one day when one of the guys got too close to the blade and cut off his arm. His buddy put the severed arm in a plastic bag and rushed it down to the hospital to get re-attached. The next day he goes to see his chum, and finds him playing tennis. “Incredible!,” says his friend. “Medical science is amazing.”

Another month goes by and the same two guys are again at the sawmill working when the same guy gets too close to the spinning blade and this time his leg gets cut off. Again his buddy takes the leg, puts it in a plastic bag and takes it to the hospital to get re-attached. The next day, he goes down to see his chum and finds him outside playing football. “Incredible!,” says his friend. “Medical science is amazing!”

Well another month goes by and again the same two friends are at the mill cutting wood when suddenly the same guy bends down too close to the blade and off comes his head. Well his friend takes the head, puts it in a plastic bag, and goes to the hospital to get it re-attached. The next day he goes to see his friend but can’t find him. He sees the doctor walking down the hall and says, “Doc, where is my friend? I brought him in yesterday.” The doctor thinks for a minute and says, “Oh yeah, some idiot put his head in a plastic bag and he suffocated.”

The owner of a drug store walks in to find a guy leaning heavily against the wall. The owner asks the clerk “What’s with that guy over there by the wall?”
The clerk says, “Well, he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn’t find the cough syrup, so I gave him an entire bottle of laxative.”
The owner screams, “You idiot! You can’t treat a cough with a bottle of laxative!”

The clerk replies, “Of course you can! Look at him. He’s too afraid to cough!”




Pro-Life NEWS?

“Roe” becomes Pro-Life, now tries to undo “Roe vs. Wade”.

The woman known as “Roe” in the landmark Supreme Court case that struck down all state laws restricting abortion is filing a motion in federal court to overturn the 1973 decision. “I long for the day that justice will be done and the burden from all of these deaths will be removed from my shoulders,” McCorvey (formerly known as “Roe”) said in a statement. “I want to do everything in my power to help women and their children. The issue is justice for women, justice for the unborn, and justice for what is right.”



Dear young people, go forward with confidence to meet Jesus! And like the new Saints, do not be afraid to talk about him! For Christ is the true answer to all questions about man and his destiny. You, young people, must become the apostles of your peers. I know well that this is not easy. You will often be tempted to say like the Prophet Jeremiah: “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth” (Jer 1:6). Do not be disheartened for you are not alone: the Lord will always accompany you, with his grace and the gift of his Spirit.

–Pope John Paul II, May 3, 2003 to 700,000 young people in Madrid, Spain

*Remember to keep the Pope in your prayers, especially as his health deteriorates.


Happy Thoughts (from Sr. Carol, a REAP Team member)

Every month or so, I send out “Happy Thoughts” to all who request it. These thoughts consist of a short Bible verse along with a brief reflection. Sometimes I sent other quotes or fun smiles when they came my way. If you are interested in being on the “Happy Thoughts” e-mail list, jot me a note at sccvocationoffic@aol.com. I will gladly add your name to my list and soon you, too, could be receiving “happy thoughts”. Also if anyone has questions about being a Sister from the practical (What do you do all day?) to the sublime (How did you know?), don’t hesitate to email me. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says God, “plans for peace and not for woe, reserving a future full of hope. And when you seek me, you will find me.” (Jer. 29: 11ff)


For Parents/Adults

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Check out articles such as, “More teens have sex and fewer parents know?” referenced in a recent CPYU newsletter.



Sometimes Life is Too Funny?


9 Stupid Questions to Chap Stick Hotline

9. “Hi, is this the chopstick hotline?”

8. “Okay, I removed the cap — now what?”

7. “Can I use it to highlight passages in books?”

6. “Is it safe for my kitty’s lips?”

5. “Is it true that the Chinese use these instead of forks?”

4. “I like to dress the tubes in tiny little clothes I make. Is this illegal?”

3. “Is it available in a spray?”

2. “I wrote a 22-page poem about Chap Stick. Where do I send it?”

1. “I lost my Chap Stick — did anyone turn it in?”


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Cool Websites?

-King of Sex: Pope JPII is the “King of Sex”. His revolutionary ideas, contained in “The Theology of the Body”, are now revealed to teens. Ascension Press is breaking down this very heavy, profound wisdom in a soon-to-be-released book so you and I can understand and love the Church’s teaching on sex.


-Priests for Life www.priestsforlife.org includes inspiring letters and testimonies from teens, stories about courageous pro-life teens, aids for adults who speak to teens about abortion and chastity, resources for students doing research papers, and much more.


-Gravity Teens: Teens created a cool website just for teens, with lots of stories and interesting ideas. A must check out site… www.gravityteen.com


-Poor Choice www.PoorChoice.org is dedicated to changing the rhetoric of the abortion debate and exposing abortion’s harmful effects on women.


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