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Through our work on The REAP Team, we receive questions from teens on a variety of topics – often about love, relationships, and faith. I’m always happy to help, if I can. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I recently received a question I’ve never been asked before: “How do you know if you’ve loved your loved ones well enough before they’re gone?”

I’m in high school, and I think I’m gay. What do I do? Step one: live chastity (we know we sound like a broken record on this one… but seriously, live chastity). Learn more about chastity, make a commitment to living it, stay away from all...

A lot of people are asking really difficult questions about the Church's teachings on homosexuality. Here is an excerpt on the subject from one of our favorite books, A Case for Chastity, by Heather Gallagher and Peter Vlahutin. Making a Distinction Between Homosexual Orientation and Behavior - I Can’t...