What is Secondary Virginity?

What is Secondary Virginity?

God has the power to restore your emotionally, spiritually and mentally to a place where you can be pure and whole again. Committing to chastity after mistakes is possible and helps you become an amazing gift for your future spouse.

All of us have made mistakes and sinned during our lives. However, we believe that God still loves us and will always forgive us. Sometimes, though, people think that God will only forgive the “little” stuff, but never anything serious like premarital sex. The wonderful truth is that God not only forgives us, but also He wants to give us a gift called secondary virginity.

Secondary virginity makes a person emotionally and spiritually whole again. God wants to restore our purity. Even though the physical consequences of premarital sex can be devastating and life threatening, some people underestimate the emotional and spiritual effects of sex outside of marriage. Furthermore, the emotional and spiritual effects of sex can be longer lasting and even more severe than the physical repercussions.

After having premarital sex, a person may feel lonely, hurt, broken, afraid, guilty, used, unlovable (by God and others), confused, and many other emotions. Although it might seem like these feelings will never go away, eventually they can diminish and sometimes even disappear. Through prayer, counseling, confession, and penance, God has the power heal us. This process doesn’t work like magic. One must be truly sorry, understanding the hurt that has been caused. He or she should sincerely desire forgiveness so they can be made whole again. And, most importantly, one must also seriously re-commit him/herself to a life of chastity (refrain from sexual activity outside of marriage) for the remainder of his/her life.

Secondary virginity is a gift from God. It should not be received lightly and it is not something that happens immediately. It takes time for an injured person to heal and it can be a very slow process, but with God’s grace things will get easier. Don’t give up. If you seek out and pray for the gift of secondary virginity, it could be one of the most life-changing experiences of your whole life!

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By Felicia Hill
The REAP Team

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