Winter 2005 Newsletter

Winter 2005 Newsletter

Sex in the media, "Baby Got Book…"a great music video, REAP desktop backgrounds, Prayer of Abandonment and much, much more!

REAP Team Newsletter
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GIVEAWAY #14 – Sex in the Media…

The best 4 responses will receive a slightly damaged copy of "A Case for Chastity" (they just have a stain on the cover or side). This giveaway has a purpose (besides giving away free stuff). Heather and Peter (co-authors of the book "A Case for Chastity") are seeking your help in putting together a Teacher's Guide for the book. They are looking for specific parts of popular movies, songs or television shows that reflect sexual choices in one of three ways:

1) Sex is discussed or used in a shallow (merely physical) or pathetic way
2) Sex outside of marriage causes problems – like in Austin Powers 2: "It got weird" scene
3) Love and sacrifice – like the Wedding Singer song, "I'll Grow Old With You"

Anything that shows the sexual confusion of our culture, the need for chastity and the beauty of loving choices. Please either reply or email heather@reapteam.org with the details of a specific scene or song lyrics. Any answer has the potential of being put in the Teacher Guide for "A Case for Chastity" – the four best will receive a free book.

News from our last giveaway!!! AND THE WINNERS ARE…

Ana W. from St. Ann, MO, Shelli D. from O'Fallon, MO, Maggie H. from St. Louis, MO, Danielle H. from St. Louis, MO, Sandy H., Plano, TX all received a free LifeMatters 2004 scarf for recognizing the famous Catholic actor as Martin Sheen.

BLOG Babblings

Paul's recent ramblings: Redefining Cool; I Want to Cut Off My Arm!; The Other Christmas Story; Snuggling; I Don't Trust the "God Thing".

Heather's recent ramblings: Do You Hate Rules?; Don't Miss Jesus; Hardee's Responds & Your Letters.

(Books—novels or otherwise—that REAP staffers recommend)

Angel in the Waters. This simple, non-confrontational book that will make young children decidedly pro-life long before they ever hear the word "abortion." It can convince many mothers contemplating abortion to keep their babies. In just two minutes, you can read the whole book online.

What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him. – Louis L. Mann


"Baby Got Book" music video – This Christian version of "Baby Got Back" put Paul & Heather in stitches.


  • Download REAP Desktop Background Pictures – Amuse yourself and friends with humorous REAP pictures for your computer…Paul with Uranus, Rabbit and Hairspray, The Chocolately Holy Spirit
  • New to the REAP Website are video or audio testimonies. The currently featured testimony: It's About Life by Mike
  • The REAP Team website has received many visits: 1500 in November; and 1100 in October 2004
  • REAP Benefit Concert was a huge success – thanks to the help and attendance of many. Check out some pictures on Matthew Baute's website.

Ask Heather

If you have a random question about LOVE, SEX, or RELATIONSHIPS, please send it my way (heather@reapteam.org). You might see your question published in future editions of this nifty little newsletter.

Dear Heather,
I like this boy in my class only I am afraid if I tell him he will not like me back. – Worried

Dear Worried,
It's probably not a good idea to say anything – you might feel silly and be much more hurt in the long run. Even though I'm all for being women of strength and confidence, I still think there's something powerful and natural in a guy initiating and a woman responding. Besides, it's an honor to be pursued. As a girl, I always think it's best to try to give a guy clues that you might like him, but let him make the first move. Saying that you like him is a scary thing and it's not even necessary if he likes you. Here are some things to consider that might help you figure out if he likes you…

  1. Does he talk to you longer or more frequently than the other girls in the class? This could clearly indicate romantic interest, or even that he just wants to be better friend with you; both are good! I actually think that a good friendship is the best starting point for any romantic relationship, by the way.
  2. Does he look at you differently than the other girls in the class? I am not referring to the 'up and down' look that guys sometimes give us women, which is quite disrespectful. Rather, I am talking about whether he looks more deeply into your eyes than he might look at other girls?
  3. Has he made any effort to do anything special with or for you? This might include things like complimenting how you look, trying to walk to class with you, or writing notes to you.

If the answer is yes to these questions, then it might be safe to make some more obvious hints to him that you like him back. He might be shy in making the first move – but still stick to obvious hints. However, if the answer is no to those questions, then I encourage you to lay low and not worry about this chap. If he doesn't give you extra attention, it's a pretty safe bet that he won't like you back and it'll hurt more to hear him say it than to just assume it in your mind. Too many young men and women confuse a friendly person for romantic interest. That's why it's good to see how this person treats other members of the opposite sex. If he's nice to many people, you might have mistaken his friendliness with romantic interest. If I like a guy, but he hasn't given me a clear indication that he likes me, I try to spend some time getting to know him better as a friend. Besides, (as I mentioned earlier), a friendship is the best foundation for a relationship and should be your focus if you're a young teen. Don't stress about jumping into a romantic relationship until you're closer to marrying age. In the meantime, have fun as friends and enjoy the guy friendships in your life.


Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert
The event is called "More Than A Prayer: A Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert". It will be held at CBC High School in St. Louis, MO on Saturday, February 19, 2005 from 7-10 pm. The bands featured are Adam Bitter & Friends, Karl Zimmerman & the Big House Band, and Dayspring. Tickets will be $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Advance ticket specifics and more information here.

Christian Life for Teens
Are you looking for a way to live this Lent in a deeper way? Do you enjoy talking about your faith with Catholic friends? Please consider joining a newly formed Christian Life group for high school students. We will be preparing our hearts for Easter by studying and discussing the passion of Christ via Mel Gibson's blockbuster movie. The Christian Life group meets every Tuesday night from 7:30 – 9 pm at the Fortel's Pizza Den in Ballwin. For more information, please contact Christina at Christina.Heddell@gmail.com or 314-882-2426.

Megamissions in Chicago
Still looking for a service trip for Spring Break? During Holy Week, you have the opportunity to participate in the second annual Megamissions USA, sponsored by Youth for the Third Millennium. Join YTM in Chicago from March 23-27 for an opportunity to answer Christ's call to "go out on the streets and into the public places like the first apostles who preached Christ" (Pope John Paul II, WYD, Denver 1993). For more information, go to www.ytm.org or email ytm.stl@gmail.com

World Youth Day with a Twist
Don't just go to World Youth Day, become a Missionary for the Pope! Join Youth for the Third Millennium for two weeks before World Youth Day in Cologne as we spread the Pope's message throughout the communities in Cologne, do a little sightseeing, and help the official WYD committee set up for the event! For more information, see the PDF or email ytm.stl@gmail.com

Pro-Life Postings…

Planned Parenthood worst condoms: Isn't it interesting that the nation's leading provider of abortions also makes and distributes the least effective condoms on the market? Consumer Reports puts 2 of 3 Planned Parenthood's condoms at the bottom of their list.

Becoming a Pro-Life Generation by Stephanie Wood. Like the Civil War protested slavery and the boycotts and marches around the nation protested segregation in the 1960's, the pro-life movement must take peaceful yet powerful action against the injustice of our time. Stephanie Wood presents practical tips for making a difference.

The battle for the unborn is truly our generation's civil rights movement. – Stephanie Wood

Free Rosaries – Pray for your friends, family, the Pope, the Church, the unborn and so much more through the powerful prayer of the Rosary!


A little boy was overheard talking to himself as he strutted through the backyard, wearing his baseball cap and toting a ball and bat: "I'm the greatest hitter in the world," he announced. Then, he tossed the ball into the air, swung at it, and missed." Strike one!" he yelled. Undaunted, he picked up the ball and said again, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" He tossed the ball into the air. When it came down he swung again and missed. "Strike two!" he cried.
The boy then paused a moment to examine his bat and ball carefully. He spit on his hands and rubbed them together. He straightened his cap and said once more, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" Again he tossed the ball up in the air and swung at it. He missed. "Strike three!" "Wow!" he exclaimed. "I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!"

A Prayer of Abandonment… by Brother Charles de Foucauld

FATHER, I abandon myself into your hands;
do with me what you will.
Whatever you may do I thank you:
I am ready for all, I accept all.
Let only your will be done in me,
and in all your creatures.
I wish no more than this, O Lord.
Into you hands I commend my soul:
I offer it to you with all the love of my heart,
for I love you, Lord,
and so need to give myself to you,
to surrender myself into your hands,
without reserve and with boundless confidence,
for you are my Father. Amen.

Help Religious Vocations Increase
The numbers of young men and women entering the religious life and priesthood have dropped drastically in the last 20 years, but there is no doubt that God continues to call many to these vocations. If you or anyone you know manifests characteristics of a religious vocation (attraction to service, depth of prayer, desire to follow Jesus with a radical commitment, etc.), you do a service to the Church to make, or support and encourage, an inquiry into a religious vocation.

Young Women
One way that the Daughters of St. Paul help to foster religious vocations is by providing single young women (18-30) with opportunities to visit, pray and work with them. They host a monthly event to allow eligible visitors to "try on" their life, their spirituality, and their mission, while providing a forum for discerning young women to meet each other as well as some consecrated women religious who are happy to share their experiences of being called to the religious vocation. Notification of the monthly events are made via email, and anyone who would like to receive word about upcoming events being planned by the Daughters of St. Paul may contact Sr. Donna Jean at sdonnajean@juno.com

For Parents/Adults

  • The Good News about Sex and Marriage – Seminar for Adults on the power and beauty of love, marriage, human freedom and God's gift of human sexuality. Saturday, February 19, 2005 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. $25 for individuals; $35 per couple. St. Joseph's Parish in Imperial. To register, call or email John and Kathy Chapman at 636-461-0378 or kristofchapman@yahoo.com
  • Can't make the workshop with Christopher West? Buy his audio series of talks, "Naked Without Shame" for only $3.90 – and that's on 10 CD's! Don't miss this incredible value.
  • Growing Up and Clamming Up Too Soon – An overview of the lives of middle-schoolers and how they feel about their families.
  • Read Your TV – A primer on how to view television critically. An excellent tool for youth workers, educators, and parents.
  • Teens and Drugs – The Warning Signs
  • Disciples Now: A web-based ministry providing youth in grades 6 to 12 with access to the best Catholic content on the Internet. What makes Disciples Now unique is its focus on teens and not just on the adults that work with them.

DEEP THOUGHTS… (We love the "groaners" and just random facts!)

St. Patrick's Day Funnies…

  1. What do you get when you cross a pillowcase with a stone?
    A Sham Rock.
  2. Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover?
    You don't want to press your luck.
  3. What do you call an Irishman who keeps bouncing off walls?
    Rick O'Shea.
  4. Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?
    Because they're always a little short.

Cool Websites…

  • Next Wave Faithful: The newest hot spot for Catholic Teens. Site includes a free Christian radio station, tips for teens, "Daily Fuel", Spotlight on Catholics in the media, and lots more on Life, Love, Purpose & Truth.
  • The Cool Spot: The site provides interactive info for teens about alcohol and the dangers of underage drinking.
  • Catholic Lounge Music…Vatican III: It's not often that the terms "church music" and "lounge lizard" intersect. Welcome to a world where two seemingly disparate concepts become one. This is the music of Vatican III.
  • "You Are" Inspirational Video

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